Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ooh, Ooh, That Smell... I Can Smell That Smell

I volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Well, actually, it's Kosher Meals On Wheels. Aren't I altruistic, fabulous and riotous? I know, I think so too. I began my journey towards sainthood, (or mitzvaland) about two months ago and I love it. I deliver on Monday's and the people that I've met are truly wonderful and they're a constant reminder never to get old! Holy crap, that is not pretty.

I try to spend a few minutes with each of them, talking and basically keeping them company. My benevolence knows no bounds. In any case, I pick up the meals at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) for the gentiles in the crowd. I'm given a cooler that keeps the meals hot-- wait is that an oxymoron-- and a paper bag for milk and other such beverages, and I lay them both in the back seat of my car.

If you read my post, I Am Cool, And So Is My Mini, http://thegirlfriendmom.blogspot.com/2011/03/ooh-ooh-that-smell-i-can-smell-that.html found here for your convenience,  you would know that I recently got the Mini Cooper. Guess what my sassy new car smells like after tooling around with kosher meals? I'll give you a hint. NOT new car smell. That's right, my brand new Chili Red Mini smells like Potato Kugal and Stuffed Cabbage.

If I was visiting my grandmother (which would be really weird, since she's dead) I'd find it rather comforting. But now I'm driving with a pungent bouquet of Gefilte fish and sardines, wafting around in my car. Now putting up with that is truly a mitzva!

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