Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Really Intimate Portrait... Of a complete unknown

A parody of Lifetime Television's Intimate Portrait series. A real look at the frivolous, and marginal accomplishments of a nobody, who, by the end of the show, will look like a somebody. A Really Intimate Portrait ... Of a complete unknown poses the question: 'How can you be a has-been if you've never been'?

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 “Dani Alpert's A Really Intimate Portrait...of a Complete Unknown offered herself as the subject of Lifetime's gushingly soft-focus Intimate Portrait series, which does for women what VH-1's Behind the Music does for rock stars...  She caught the tone of the Lifetime series dead-on, and the friends she recruited to talk about her not-so-famous life (most of them struggling Hollywood actors themselves) were a scream. Alpert may not be famous, but she is funny, and that's enough.” --Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun

"Comedian Dani Alpert offers a truly inspired takeoff on "Lifetime's Intimate Portrait series", one with shades of that giant of all mockumentaries, "Spinal Tap." Ms. Alpert's success is portrayed as resting on a rather slim reed- mainly her experience as director of the annual high school musical. One of her real-life associates, comic Julia Sweeney, appears as a fawning interviewee." -- Judy Oppenheimer, The Baltimore Jewish Times

“Dani has crafted a sophisticated skewering of the cozy celebrity TV bio, and in so doing manages to be twice as interesting and ten times funnier than the form's typical real-life subjects. Witty, engaging, and sweetly sharp, she's a new comic voice to reckon with.”  
-Don Roos, Writer/Director, Web Therapy, The Opposite of Sex, Happy Endings 


Kathy said...

What a great idea!! I have seen these intimate portraits and think it is such a cool idea!! I had a problem installing it, but will try again!! So clever!

thegirlfriendmom said...

Thank you thank you. But it figures that I've spent literally all day trying to fix my site and load this movie. If you can't get it through blogger, go to

Have a great night.

Keesha said...

Very funny and really well done! I think everyone should have one of these - parody or serious. Why does Kim Kardashian get to have a celebrated life?! Don't the other 99% deserve a glamorous media portrayal?

New follower!

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thegirlfriendmom said...

Thank you Keesha for the nice comments. I've just posted the full version (actually there's a longer version but I don't want to push my luck.) If you didn't go to my site, you can watch it here-

I'm following you now and look forward the reads. Thanks again.

Posh Infant Style said...

This is great...I love a good parody! New follower :)

Bethany @

thegirlfriendmom said...

Thanks a million Bethany for the follow. I'm not sure if you only saw the trailer, but you can see the whole shabang at

Again, thanks for the shout out.

Annie Boreson said...

Got to say, I love your film. It is witty as hell and real entertaining.