Monday, April 25, 2011

Way Down Upon the Crazy River

I blog on, which is endorsed, or co-founded by Brooke Burke (ya think I should know this?) and each time I write a post or check to see if anyone's commented on my posts, her banner comes up with her in a bikini, advertising a new waist thinner called Baboosh Baby Unisex Waist Trimmer. Not for nothing but does she really need to be Babooshed? And do I really need to see a picture of her when I'm writing about my ass spreading because I'm sitting and writing too much? The answer is no. No, I don't.

I'm pretty sure that I reached the pinnacle of crazy the other day. And lest you forget or didn't read (heaven forbid) my post, I'm Losing It, I stopped taking my meds. This might have factored into the mental.

I read online that because it was Earth Day, if you brought your own coffee mug to Starbuck's, they would give you a free cup of coffee. I like coffee... and free. And it would be nice to do something for the planet.

Off I went in my Mini (great gas mileage) and about halfway there, I realized that I forgot my travel mug. Okay, so I had two options; drive back, wasting gas, emitting crap into the environment, but getting that free cup of coffee and saving a cup. Or, I could continue on to Starbuck's, save on the emissions crap and buy a cup of coffee, using their cup, but getting a 20% discount. I was in serious conflict. I had enough sense to realize that if I did in fact turn around and retrieve my mug, I'd be paddling along the shores of crazy river.

Well, give me an oar and a life jacket, because I turned my Mini right around and went back home to get my mug. When I finally got to Starbuck's I panicked for a moment because I didn't see a sign offering the free coffee with a mug because it was Earth Day. I actually felt a twinge of anxiety, but when the barrister handed me my mug back, she told me to have a nice day.

Maybe I'm not ready to go cold turkey quite yet. 

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