Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ah, A Flea Market

I'm working on an HGTV show for a few weeks and last weekend we were filming at a flea markets. This is just a smattering of what was being sold. Remember, one man's trash is another man's, well, you'd like to think it's treasure, but sometimes, it's still trash.

I'll be back with more of the funny, as soon as this gig wraps!

REALLY????? Come and get it, dead animal parts... I'll give you a great deal!!!!
I'm embarrassed to say that we have this in our basement... where it belongs. Lover thinks it's a classic.... Classically tacky.
I'm speechless... and scared... and sad... and confused... by this one.
I thought this guy would look great over my fireplace.
The vendor called this 'mini death choppers' and would be great for kids. I called my boyfriend immediately to see if he wanted one for his son. Oh, and they don't work. so I'd have to pay to die.


Bethany Lee said...

gotta love the shoe sad looking thing! I was confused too. These are certainly some interesting items. Just one of the reasons I like flea markets--always full of surprises!

thegirlfriendmom said...

I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one confused. And yes, I do love a good flea. Thanks for stopping by.

Dani said...

I have just laughed out loud at least 3 times. I wish I was this funny - husband has told me many times that I have lost my sense of humor - see, that's what happens when you marry and have kids...!!

Can't wait to hear more about the flea market - the photos already have me intrigued!

alphawoman said...

Hahah. you should come to KY and see the outdoor flea market offerings. The vendors too cheap to buy indoor space. But I have found some fantastic stuff in the junk bins. Once a 24K gold wedding band.

alphawoman said...

BTW - this wouldn't be the 127 Highway Yard Sale would it?

Kathy Radigan said...

How did you resist the animal parts? Lol! Mighty strange things!!! Lol! Hope you have been having fun while working so hard! Miss you!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Ummm... animal parts?? lol xoxo