Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Really Intimate Portrait_shortver

Are you an actor? Are you a recovering actor? Do you love (or like) Lifetime Television? But more importantly, do you feel that you deserve your own Lifetime Intimate Portrait? So did I. But I couldn't wait around for Lifetime to get their shit together, so I made my own!


cardiogirl said...

You, young lady, are a crack up! I found you through Annie Off Leash and I absolutely loved this video!

Especially your delivery while you sat on the couch and spoke candidly.

"Why would you make up the spelling of a name?"

thegirlfriendmom said...

That is so sweet of you Cardiogirl, thank you and I'm glad that you liked it. Now I'm waiting for my next big idea to smack me in the head. I hope you'll follow. I'm checking you out now.
Thanks again.