Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things I'd Like To Do: August 31, 2004

While organizing my lovely new office, I came across files and files of crap. Chicken scratch scribbled on tiny pieces of paper. Clearly the beginnings of books, screenplays, genius ideas for genius projects. Projects that were never meant to be, so never released from their files. Quele dommage.

However, I did come across a list entitled, "Things I'd Like To Do: August 31, 2004". It's a long friggin list. I was either very ambitious back in '04, or that was the year that I was seeing a life coach.

She instructed me to make lists and, "Put it out there into the universe." Nothing was ever too far fetched or silly. She wanted me to think big. Thinking big was never (is never) my problem. Putting those ginormous thoughts into action is a whole other story... and post.

I'm including the list here. I've highlighted those that I've actually accomplished in one form or another. I'm sure everyone has their lists. Perhaps it's in a file, tucked away in a drawer, or on your computer in that secret folder that we all have (you know the one, where we keep our naked pics) Oh, yeah right, like I'm the only one.

This type of list really forces one to take stock of their lives. But in a good way.

Enjoy and maybe you'll share your own list one day. Universe, baby, universe.

- Learn how to ride a motorcycle and get a license
- Go skying diving- I did do Sky Dive Dubai, which simulated sky diving. Count?
- Write another one-person show
- Get staffed on a sitcom
- Act in a sitcom
- Host a talk show
- Sell another screenplay
- Write another screenplay
- Write a musical
- Find a soul mate, partner- YEAH!
- Travel: Yoga retreat, hiking trip, South America, Australia, go back to Italy, South Africa, Ski trip
- Study with chimps or gorillas- Whoa, now that is thinking big... and a wee crazy
- Hire a personal trainer
- Thin out my arms- WHAT? But I did it. Pilates, kids. Pilates.
- Cut a record
- Learn Italian
- Perform in a Broadway musical
- Participate in a walk-a-thon
- Stop my hair from thinning
- Have a baby
- Go on a rock climbing trip
- Practice rock climbing at the gym
- Go hang gliding
- Go parasailing
- Work with down syndrome kids again
- Volunteer with the elderly
- Get more involved- That's just too general
- Find a job that will pay me to move back to NY- have places on both coasts. I was living in L.A. at the time. 
- Get a chef or be able to afford having food delivered- Eating issues. We'll talk later
- Take dance class
- Learn how to salsa
- Karaoke more
- Heal my ass- For a long time I had a coccyx issue and was in a lot of pain when I sat.
- Learn Final Cut Express
- Get an agent or manager
- Learn music recording program
- Step outside my comfort level more- I'm giving myself 1/2 credit here
- Meet more people, new people
- Go to Shabbat more
- Bartend
- Audition at Plan B- This was/is a strip club in L.A. (I think it was a phase I was going through)
- Take a pole class at Crunch or S Factor- Maybe not.
- Go on a ride-a-long with the police. I dated an officer for awhile. Count?
- Buy a lot of sneakers. What?
- Fly back to NY every month
- Be able to afford weekly massages
- Take a religion class: starting from the beginning. When your religious education comes from the musicals, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and GODSPELL, you NEED to take a class.
- Audit a one person show workshop
- Get more proficient at the computer/ipod. iPod. C'mon, that's adorable.
- Learn Photoshop
- Teach English as a foreign language
- Perform on a cruise
- Take a Krav Mag class
- Go through an army basics type of class
- Horseback riding- restaurant trail- Griffith Park/Mexican Food. Okay, that was too specific.
- Learn how to juggle. In process.
- More physical activity
- Guitar lessons
- Drum lessons


Aimee said...

Friggin' hilarious. So glad I never kept my to-do lists, but if you come to visit we can get the - Horseback riding- restaurant trail- Griffith Park/Mexican Food thingy off your list.

thegirlfriendmom said...

I am taking you up on the horseback riding, since it's pretty much in your backyard! Thanks for reading. xo

Kathy said...

What a great list! I use to write lists a lot whenever I needed to get clear on something I wanted to have or accomplish. It's always fun to go back and see what you have accomplished, what no longer is important to you and what you would still like to do! I haven't done one in a while, which is a shame, so now you have inspired me to write one today! Thanks!!

thegirlfriendmom said...

I'm glad that you're making a list. And I agree it is interesting to see what you no longer want or is important to you. For me it would have to be the want of "many sneakers". xoxxo

Deanna @ ThenUnnatural Mother said...

I'm peeing in my pants, laughing hysterically!! The entire list is awesome, ambitious too! I think the biggest challenge on my list is "make bed every day!"

thegirlfriendmom said...

Sorry I made you soil your panties. No, I'm not! Please, today's list would include making my bed and iron my shirt that's been hanging in the laundry room for 3 weeks. xoxxo

Brenda said...

You are a crazy, but damn funny woman. I have to remember not to read your blog when sipping my java. I just wish for Tinker Bell to show up everyday and make everything wonderful.

Laura@Catharsis said...

Damn! That's a long list. It's awesome that you were able to accomplish some of them and in such a short amount of time (7 years isn't that long). And rock climbing...I'd LOVE to do that. I think the Sky Dive Dubai counts. You couldn't pay me to sky dive. I have panic attacks just getting on commercial airplanes.

thegirlfriendmom said...

Thanks for the read ladies. Brenda, I loved your last blog and please don't choke on my account.
You're sweet but c'mon, 7 years is a long ass time. Stop sugarcoating it and get your ass on a rock and climb it. It's super cool fun.

Bella said...

Oh girl, your list looks very similar to my bucket list! If I'm able to do a third of the things that are on it, I'll consider myself lucky. If not, I'm putting out to the Universe that the list come back with me when I'm reborn! :)

thegirlfriendmom said...

Funny. Yeah, I'm trying to finish this list because you know there's going to be another one in the next life.

Michael Ann said...

That is one Hell of a list! I honestly have not written my own list. Maybe that is my problem. I'm totally unmotivated to do anything but bake and spend time on the internet.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Learn the iPod? That was totally cute!

thegirlfriendmom said...

Thanks. I was cute back then.