Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Girl Scout With ATTITUDE... WTF

My neighbor just accosted me outside my house, as I was getting my mail. I say neighbor because I don't actually know her name. I only know her as Mustang Sally, because, well, she drives a white Mustang, and I like the song. I've got both my boyfriend and his son singing it every time they see her car in the driveway.

Anyhoo- she made some small talk about not seeing my boyfriend and I much since the weather started getting colder, and I halfheartedly said, "Oh, well, you know, we're hunkering down." Hunkering down? What, like every time the temperature drops below 50 degrees, my boyfriend and I board up the windows and doors, waiting out the... storm?

She asked if her daughter could come by later to sell me Girl Scout cookies. C'mon, who among us doesn't like a couple of Thin Mints (or the entire box) with our evening tea?

And with that, I closed the door and texted my boyfriend to see if he knew what Mustang's real name was, just in case she came over with Mustang Sally Jr. I had no idea how old this child was and if she needed a parental unit to walk her across the driveway.

My boyfriend texted me back her name. Hmm, curious. How come he knew her name. So, armed with her real name, I was ready to place an order with, oh, yeah, I don't know Mustang Jr.'s name either. I am a horrible neighbor! Mustang even brought over cupcakes during the holidays and I did not reciprocate. I know, horrible!

The doorbell rang and there was Mustang Jr., alone, with her order sheet. No, hello or hi, I'm selling Girl Scout cookies, would you like to buy some? Maybe Mustang told her that I was an easy sell, and she didn't have to go through the whole Girl Scout cookie selling act, but a little enthusiasm would've been nice.

Then there was an awkward moment. Who was going to fill out the form. I was confused. I would've thought that she would want to but oh, how wrong I was. She handed me the form and a pen, and just stood there and watched.

Shouldn't she have to do some work to earn her sales? Isn't that a Girl Scout value or principle? I took the form and started making small talk because in cases like these, well, in all cases really, I need people (even little people) to like me. She gave me nothing but a bored look on her face. "Well, I must have the Thin Mints and Trefoils." 

I thought the boxes were five dollars each, so I was all prepared to break out an even twenty. "How much are they again? Would you like me to pay you now?" I always assume that salespeople want the money upfront. She said, "Eh, you can pay later, it really doesn't matter."

I made my choices, and started to hand her the form, "Do you want to add it up, or..." She was getting even more bored, "Eh, it really doesn't matter." She didn't move, so I added it up for her. Thank god it was simple math.

I couldn't give her a twenty and I sensed that it might be bothersome to make change. I was trying to be considerate, so I said, "Would you prefer if I paid you now?" I thought she was going to explode. She pulled out this tude, actually huffed and said, "IT SO DOESN'T MATTER."

I wanted to take back my order and slam the door in her face but instead I abruptly said, "Fine, I'll give it to you when I get my cookies." She was already half way down the front stairs by the time I finished my sentence.

Wow, talk about entitlement. Like I need that from someone who's name I don't even know AND who's going to make me fat come March when my order comes in!


Debbie said...

It seems to me that little girl needs a bitch slap. :)


mrsmomx6 said...

Tell me she at least had her uniform or even her sash on!

I soooo needed that laugh today. You have no idea :)


thegirlfriendmom said...

OMG, if that coos didn't live next door and I was sort of scared of her mom, I would've bitch slapped her. Thanks for understanding.

Sharon- The best compliment I could ever get is that I made someone smile or laugh. You made me smile. And NO. NO uniform or sash! She probably wasn't even a Girl Scout.

Michael Ann said...

Wow. Kids these days, ok not all, but in general, have no sense of gratitude or being polite. Everything is owed to them .I would have thought at least GIRL SCOUT would have some basic manners!

Emily said...

I wonder about the whole girl scout things these days. So far everyone who has asked me to buy cookies has been a parent and not a girl scout. There is so much pressure to sell cookies but as far as I can tell the girls aren't doing the selling. Isn't selling the cookies themselves supposed to build character and all that? And manners? But with an attitude like your neighbor's daughter they wouldn't sell much...

monicastangledweb said...

I love the line, "Shouldn't she do some work to earn her sales?" Look at it this way, at least the mom didn't make you come to their house to place the order. That girl had to exert herself walking to your house, so that's how she earned that sale. Just by showing up. You didn't really expect anything else from today's entitled kids?

But seriously, in defense of Girl Scouts, they're not all like that. Some are nice, helpful and will go the "extra mile." My daughter is now in college but she was once a girl scout, and her troop (not the parents) would stand in front of the grocery store hawking those cookies. Sometimes they'd go door to door, but only if we knew who lived there. Anyway, they're not all bad. Knock on wood.

But I have to agree, you really made me laugh. Great post!

thegirlfriendmom said...

Michel Ann- that's all I'm saying, basic manner. Thank you.

Emily- I just think the whole, "There's so much pressure to sell cookies", is HYSTERICAL! C'mon Janie, sell those THIN MINTS!!!! I do think it's all for the parents. It's like their small version of high school and the popular girls.

Monica- I would NEVER have gone to their house! I don't want cookies that badly. I'm glad to hear that all Girl Scouts aren't like my little Mustang Sally Jr.

alphawoman said...

Just remember, they all just want to be loved. lol.