Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sucking Face May Promote World Peace

Do you kiss your lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, significant other, husband/wife, life partner (did I get everyone represented for crying out lout?) before you leave for work, before he/she leaves for work, or before you go to bed?

I love kissing my boyfriend and when I had to leave at the butt crack of dawn this morning for work, I left without kissing his sleeping punim good-bye. It’s so easy to forget. It’s so hard just to get your ass out of bed and, really, when you’re half asleep, are you really thinking about anything at all? I know I’m hoping to remember to take my mouth guard out before I get into the car.

I could go on and on about the virtues of kissing, and how you probably sucked face morning, noon and night, when you first met your (fill in the blank) but I’m tired and I want to kiss my lover before I put my mouth guard in.

Let’s all vow to kiss more. Maybe it’ll promote world peace.


Angelia Sims Hardy said...

I think it could work! I definitely kiss my honey before he leaves or I leave *just in case* I guess.

And why were so kissy in the beginning? Darn those endorphins that like to run off......


thegirlfriendmom said...

I guess there is that just in case feeling. I smothered him last night. Thanks for stopping by.

mrsmomx6 said...

If sucking face could save the world, what would kissing ass do?

You're so cute about kissing your man before work. My hubby always wakes me up to kiss my good bye at the butt crack of dawn out here too. A solid hour and a half BEFORE I have to get up!

Maybe should appreciate it that a little more...after all, he is kinda cute!


Nannette Turner said...

If the other is awake we kiss good bye. But otherwise we let 'em sleep. I believe in the "just in case" feeling. I think we should rethink the sleeping no kiss rule...just in case.

thegirlfriendmom said...

Isn't that what people do all do- kiss ass? Oh, or are you saying that LITERALLY- cuz I'm down. Wait, that didn't come out right. xo

Nannette- I love that rule as well. Sometimes it's ALL about the sleep. Thanks for stopping by.