Thursday, April 26, 2012

The ABC's Of Me

I'm a member of a terrific site, VoiceBoks, and the powers that be thought that this was a great way to get other members to check you out and see what you do all day. I think that's what this was about. I don't really know. It just looked like a fun thing to do.

I totally ripped off the poem idea from Dawn Douglas, so it's only fair that I give her a shout out. However, I do believe that mine is a wee more risque. Enjoy.

A is for the asinine things that I do.
B is for when I bungee jumped over a zoo. (not really, it was a bridge, but also a B)

C is for Cher, my childhood idol.
D is for Dani, I never took Midol.

E is for ear piercings, of which I have six.
F is for funny, feisty and flicks.

G is for Girlfriend Mom, need I say more.
H is for the hysteria that wasn’t in the brochure.

I is for my iphone, ipod and such.
J is for the joy, man these I’s give me so much.

K is for the kitchen, thankfully not my domain.
L is for the love, I pray will keep me sane.

M is for my mom, and your mom too.
N is for the “No” she often spewed.

O are for orgasms, one or many.
P is for Pilates for orgasms aplenty.

Q is for Quebec, skiing and beauty.
R is for reruns of The Facts Of Life and Tootie. (I realize that was a stretch)

S is for sex, see letters O and P.
T are for the times with lover and his kids, making it we.

U are for the UTI’s that are no fun at all.
V is for my vagina that’s always on call. 

W is for my new website that’s coming soon.
X is for the Xanax that makes me swoon.

Z is for the Zumba that I once tried, not able to pop and lock, I walked out and cried. 


mrsmomx6 said...

B, O, P and V cracked me up. You goof ball :)

Luv to ya

Kathy Radigan said...

I bow down before you!!! This is by far the best, and sexiest ABC's of me I have ever read!!!! Excellent work my dear friend!! I was just thinking of you today too!! Much love!

Rosann said...

Awesome!! My favorite is O. Ya, that's right, I said it! :)


Lisa Gradess Weinstein said...

Oh my goodness, hysterical, I loved this!!! Thanks to Kathy Radigan for leading me to your page! Lisa Weinstein

thegirlfriendmom said...

Oh, Sharon, I'm glad you liked V. It really is my favorite.

Kathy, please, no bowing. I'm turning red. xoxo

Rosann- Damn right you likey the O. Shout it from the rooftop, or your chandelier.

Lisa, I'm so glad that my gorgeously wonderful friend, Kathy, sent you. I look forward to reading more from you.

Annie said...

Love the ABC's. You have quite a knack for rhyming. Was it just me or was there at least 3 of the 26 letters devoted to sex? Looking forward to the new site even though I like this one. (P.S.I don't know why I never get alerted when you write a new post. I'm going to try to subscribe again!)

thegirlfriendmom said...

Thank you. I always knew I had it in me. The new site is going to rock the Casba... I don't know why you don't get alerted either. It happens with some of the people that I want to follow. Thanks again for stopping by.

Lisa Gradess Weinstein said...

I'm following your blog now!
Lisa Weinstein

monicastangledweb said...

Fun poem. Your honesty is refreshing. You certainly do have it in you, this knack for rhyming. I think I see limericks in your future! ;) Imagine the possibilities!

injaynesworld said...

"Pilates - for orgasms a plenty." Yes, and the machine never asks, "Was it good for you?"

thegirlfriendmom said...

Thanks Lisa!

thegirlfriendmom said...

I know, I've always seen myself as a professional limerick writing. Yet another new career.